Our Story

Restaurant with fusion sushi concept was still rare in 2003. A warm cozy place to have business meetings while enjoying high quality sushi was the first idea to open Sushi Nobu in Dharmawangsa Square. It was a new mall in the south of Jakarta. Dharmawangsa Square with its melting pot of young executives, professionals and families was the perfect fit to introduce Sushi Nobu as the new place to have lunch or dinner with colleagues, partners, friends and families.

In Sushi Nobu everyone is welcome. Patronage is pampered with the finest quality of food that is designated to serve the original taste of Japanese cuisine. First Grade Fresh was chosen as the secret ingredients in Sushi Nobu menu from then until today. Customer and quality food is our two main attentions. You can immediately feel the warm and sincere hospitality as you step in our restaurants. We make your dining experience personal as we take good care of our customers as detail as we take care of our food. Our staffs are trained to give you the best service and hospitality because we believe that every person is unique and we’re here to cater your every needs to treat your business partners or beloved ones.

Stepping in Sushi Nobu you will feel the comfort of your own home. We provide smoking and non smoking area as well as kids meal, various package for gathering such as ‘arisan’, business meetings, and also special menu package for employees available on weekdays. We also welcome special events like birthday party for your little ones where we provide special cooking class for them to learn how to make simple sushi with their own hands.

Sushi Nobu received many positive feedbacks that we decided to open another restaurant with Shabu Shabu concept in December 2004 located in Kemang area. ‘Be the Chef in You’ was our first tagline where customer is being freed to choose their own style of cooking shabu shabu. Up until now we have 6 chains of Sushi Nobu and Shabu Nobu strategically located in residential and business area. The quality of our food is carefully maintain and guaranteed to bring you new taste experience in the finest Japanese cuisine.